Pure Systems is the only Authorized Alberta-based Distribution center for a revolutionary hydro-dyanmic technology that is clinically proven to reduce indoor air allergens by up to 99.997%. How does this advanced system work? At its core, our revolutionary technology harnesses the power of nature by containing a one hundred mile per hour tornado and having it purified through a rainstorm. The results are pure freshness! Manufactured under the highest quality control standards, the unit represents a state-of-the-art leap forward in in-home maintenance. Allergy sufferers and those prone to sinus infections, colds, and flus are all equally benefitted. And the most amazing part about it, is that the filtration system is something we all have access to… and that’s water!

Stephen C. Young has been in this business industry since 1989 and operated successful Distributorships from Montreal to Alberta in Canada, and from Michigan to Texas to Nevada in the United States. This award winning high-volume Distributor worked his way through the Distribution levels, Regional Representative for several manufacturers and finally to Director of Marketing for a major manufacturer of air purification equipment. Now semi-retired, he still performs in homes across North America: because when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work.

Author of the best-selling self-help book on ethical direct sales entitled The Salesman's Bible © 2006, Stephen has proven that ethical, reliable and responsible direct sales is the key to successful distributorships across North America.

“We strive to create quality relationships with our customers and deliver the best possible experiences. When the customer wins, we win! That's our secret”.

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